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[Fanfic] PG-13/T. "Twins"

Title: Twins
Rating: PG-13, T
Word count: 1, 099
Pairing: Kira x Cagalli

A/N: Written for angrycherokee, who requested: KiraCaga, "pervicacious"

( Fake cut. "They stared into the mirror, hand in hand, identical hairstyles, similar eyes, visages alike. Twins." )

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Kira_lovers Community

Hi, Everyone.:D. Hope this is allowed. Anyway, there has been a new community called kira_lovers which is the onlybestest Kira community. Please come and join kira_lovers to spread Kira love, who is the best brother ever:D

I will probably x-post this everywhere so sorry if you see it million times XD ^^;.

fanmix - KiraCaga - Hope [FP]

another fanmix
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x-posted a lot, sorry if you see it twice.

fic spam

fic spam:
-contains 11 chapters (and growing until 50) of K/C oneshots for endless_future
-contains 6 chapters (and growing until 10) of more K/C oneshots for 10_passions
Like a Flower
-spammed here earlier in the year, Valentine's Day oneshot exchange with shiina_nozumo
-50 1sentence themes, all... 1 sentence each :P

fanmix - Freedom

For fanmix.
I also have an ex-asucaga and an asukira posted in various places.

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[Fanart]KiraCaga Angel Bath Scene

On magi_sammy request... here's a fanart of KiraCaga Angel Bath Scene that got interupted by Lacus >.> in GSD eps 24 :P


Image @ http://cloudedge.livejournal.com/22322.html

whitelilies22, lemme know if it's ok to post image of this... um... rating (whatever rating it is...T? Matured? NC-17!? *panic*) of this kind in this comm >.>; I'm still not sure.

Kiracaga Fanart

Hi first time posting here!  
I did a Kiracaga fanart for their birthday so I wanted to post it here ^^ . I love this couple although asucaga is my favorite hehe XD Kira was hard to do because I am not used to draw him =X but I think it's ok ?


Title: Fear
Pairing: Kira Yamato x Cagalli Yula Athha
Word Count: 843
Rating: T
Summary: Via...?

Comments and Constructive Criticism are welcomed

I don’t own Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/DESTINY or any of its characters.


Another Birthday Fic

Title: A Handwritten Letter
-pt. 1: Meeting
-pt. 2: Argument
-pt. 3: Kiss
-pt. 4: Date
-pt. 5: Leaving
Author/Artist: angrycherokee
Rating: PG
Words: 847


Written for stagesoflove but with the birthday bash heavily in mind.

KiraCaga Music Video - NOT MY WORK

Disclaimer: This is NOT my work!

Ok, I've found this in a chinese forum and it's a really really really really great Music Video of KiraCaga... It is not done by me, I cannot even find the post where I found the link to this vid anymore... so I really appologize for the fact that I don't know who to credit.

But the movie is just so great, I feel like it's a shame that the English Speaking community would never have a chance to see it so I decide to upload it to Youtube for a period of time... I am thinking I'll move this to the private section after 1-2 weeks... so as to not offend the creator.

Anyway, here's the link, the vid is 4 minutes long, so it might take a while to load, but it's definately worth the wait... You want to see it fluidly since the music matches the scene VERY WELL.

Watch @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z_j7mbVdnY