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Happy Birthday Kira and Cagalli!

It is their birthday today, May 18!

When love letters read like obituaries

Been awhile, and this site obviously needs some love!~

Kira and Cagalli's birthday was May 18th! It may be late but try to submit something in to show that you still love the twins! 

Here's a story I submitted over at fanfiction.net, enjoyyy <33 

Location of fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4266084/1/When_love_letters_read_like_obituaries

have fun loves!~

My First Ever Icons

Not much of a post...but I thought it would be nice to share my first venture into the creative picture/ .gif format world!~



[June 2007 Contest] Post.

A Fanfictional Post to help get the contest started! Come on guys let's get started!

I know this is like super crappy, I actually typed it all out the day the contest was posted, sue me, I was motivated. I'll do better next time. *shrugs* 

Title: Grape Juice
Pairing(s): Kira/Cagalli seeing as I am going to be posting this on FF.net, main reason it's there.
Genre: Romance/Humor
Theme: Grape.
Word Count: 1146, approx. I add on stuff within the moment.
Rating: T(+?)
Spoilers: -shrugs-
Summary: Grape Juice. Never drink Grape Juice on a hot, sunny day.
Author's Notes: Yay for contests!! Watch out for crack. It kills you.

P.s. I f-locked it just in case, we still doing that right?

Title: Sing Me A Birthday Song.
Pairing(s): Kira/Cagalli; other pairings implied, ugh.
Genre: Romance/Angst/General
Rating: T
Spoilers: shrugs
Summary: It was a façade, placed upon their tragic features for whenever they were around. It was his birthday, it was…her birthday, …too.
Author's Notes: I saw this setup on another author’s (Cagalli-chan) one-shot and I thought I’d give it a try, I don’t know, doesn’t suit me all that much seeing as I am the very opposite of formal and straight out relay of information. But besides that. This is a KiraxCagalli AU fanfic, a dedication to their Birthday, Today May 18th! YAY! I hope you all will enjoy. P.S, sorry for not updating Islands of Secrets, major overwhelmage and writer’s block. I should place an update next week…or something.
Disclaimer: I don’t know own, I think by now we should all know that.

Def. Not my Best. But I wanted to get something out for the Twins if I was an artist I would totally own the shiznits out of their birthday with my fantabulous drawings 

But please be nice with commentary?  I'll post my video for them after this.

calendar scans


New Layout

I made a new layout for this comm!! Well, not really made it... I just change the header from the original layout. There's some more to be added, but I'll do it later. Hopefully shiina_nozumo and whitelilies22 doesn't mind. Also, if you noticed, there's an ad on the comm. Sorry about that. To use the layout I want, I had to upgrade it to +Account. That account can upload 15 userpics, and had access to more layout. But the price is, there'll be an ad. Hmm... I hope everyone like the new layout. And hopefully, this comm will be more brighter after this!